Royalty Benefits

Royalties, what does that actually mean in the music industry? Artists write and perform songs all the time, but have you ever wondered how they actually get paid for the music they make? Think back to the time you last heard a MC Hammer song on a commercial or a song on Pandora by the… Continue reading Royalty Benefits

Tempt Prospective Clients With Animated Explainer Videos

If you remember the Kellog’s commercial, you will recall how that animated bear had spearheaded the brand’s marketing campaign to success. Likewise, myriad other companies have used animated figures, logos and clips to promote their products. Animated videos tend to find a larger audience base perhaps due to the fact that people can identify with… Continue reading Tempt Prospective Clients With Animated Explainer Videos

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Controversy of History

“Well begun is half done”. Yes, it is somehow true. In today’s scenario where there are thousands of issues to work on, where hot potatoes are boiling overhead. But, our country’s people are stuck with a movie. Yes, a historical movie so-called ‘Padmavati’ (old name), which is named further ‘Padmavat’. The only thing that triggers… Continue reading Controversy of History

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Lukas Graham

One of the hottest bands to emerge in a while is the Danish pop-soul band named Lukas Graham. The band is named after the lead singer, Lukas Graham Forchhammer. Along with the lead singer, other members of the band are the drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard. Their first record, Lukas… Continue reading Lukas Graham