If you remember the Kellog’s commercial, you will recall how that animated bear had spearheaded the brand’s marketing campaign to success. Likewise, myriad other companies have used animated figures, logos and clips to promote their products. Animated videos tend to find a larger audience base perhaps due to the fact that people can identify with such characters and such themes. There is an endearing quality to them and quite obviously adults dote on them as much as children do. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that businesses are now emerging with their personalized animations to catch the eye of the web surfer.

It is crucial to market in a way that is relatable to the viewer. If the viewer is unable to identify with the theme and the characters, he is quite likely to lose all interest in the product and what the campaign is trying to say. Technology has been taking colossal steps and the growth of animated explainer videos in the past decade has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Interaction is the key to success today. If you can interact well with the potential clients, you can convert them into actual buyers quite easily. On the other hand, if the person does not feel connected with your campaign, he will reject it without even trying it once. The reason for this trend is that there are just too many websites, products and rival businesses at his disposal. He does not have the time or the patience to experiment. It is, hence, indispensable to titillate through the use of graphics and intelligently inserted texts. Till a few months back, the greater stress was on written form of marketing. So, articles targeting keywords would be floated around the web and blogs would be written with gusto. While articles and blogs are still very much in vogue, now the attention has shifted towards more visual form of marketing. So, an explainer video is how a business can expect to garner attention.

Even the blogs that are now created often include an artistically designed video instead of merely comprising texts. Texts, in spite of being good in quality, ask for patience and time from the reader. Not all are ready to sit before the gadget and read up the entire article. A short video seems less taxing and more entertaining. The person can simply hit the play button and let it begin. If he is not amused by what’s on display, he has the option to pause, fast forward or simply stop. This also brings us to the important point about precision and conciseness.

Always be true to your product. It wouldn’t be advisable to make a false promise or a vague one. It can put the clients off in the long run. Staying true to your products and policies will bring you brownie points from the buyers as well as reviewers. Being quick and short is also important, and so animated videos must ideally be designed by experts. There are professionals who can create animated explainer videos taking all technical and corporate matters into account. This way, you can order customized videos to suit your business model and the immediate audience. It will also ensure that you do not toe the line of regulation framed by sites like Google.