Death lays her icy hand on everyone. However, his exit was excessively early. What can we expect? I still cannot believe that he is gone forever and is never coming back. One of the most beloved stars of the television industry, Dr Hansraj Hathi’s death has left everyone in an incoherent and numb shock. Nobody wants to believe that his patent sentence won’t be heard again. His everlasting smile and his delightful positive attitude towards food, provided beautiful atmosphere on the sets of the serial. His untimely exit is not only a rude jolt to his family, but to his fans too. Whenever I look into his face, I am incapable to digest the news of his bereavement.

He always used to say that whatever happens just be positive in life and never regret making any decisions. Life is too short and too complicated to be messed. So always, take it easy, live, and let others live. There were talks about how he posted a tweet just two days before his death. Was it because he got a premonition of his death and he knew his time was coming? These are unrequited questions. He was with us for ten whole years so it is palpable that his friends and fans would miss him terribly. There was not a single person who hated his character. I know so many people die every day but the death of a person like him is too hard to absorb.

Why does fate enjoy taking good people away? Why is it that only good ones are gone and the ones making chaos are breathing a healthy lifestyle? There are terrorists and bad people killing the innocent and they live like a king. People who are convicted for harassment and thefts live until 80 or more. They do not contribute anything to the world and still live happily. Then why a man who made people happy and improved their state of health is subjected to death so brutally?

Fate is indeed unpredictable. Maybe it enjoys giving shocks to us. But we are brave enough to accept the worst.

I pray that his soul rests in peace. Every one of us would remember his jolly nature. He made people laugh and he made people cry. He left behind a legacy of his vibrant spirit and life full of contentment. His presence would be missed terribly. Love you DR Hansraj Hathi. Forever.