“Well begun is half done”. Yes, it is somehow true. In today’s scenario where there are thousands of issues to work on, where hot potatoes are boiling overhead. But, our country’s people are stuck with a movie. Yes, a historical movie so-called ‘Padmavati’ (old name), which is named further ‘Padmavat’. The only thing that triggers in my mind is that- how one can comment so brutally about butchering and slaughtering somebody’s nose or anything just for the sake of a movie.

Padmavati a great lady, full of vigor, valor and beautiful woman. So, basically, this movie is a depiction of the Rani. A trial to re-live the history. People are trying hard to save her honour, that her image should remain sacred and holy. The biggest question is that, where these people were when thousands of girls are raped every year? Why don’t they ever come to the fore front and try to save the dignity and honour of those living women? Why their tongues are stuck inside when girls of minor age are butchered and thrown somewhere in the buses or dumped in the garbage? Why those people lock themselves inside their door when somebody asks their views on LGBTQ?

If people can understand everything well; about the true meaning of honour and dignity. They won’t shout like this. Nowadays people are behaving like spineless creatures. They are ready to bite even faster than snakes. Literature has always been a mirror of the society. Movies or films are a kind of reflection of the same worthy literature. If someone is trying hard to portray the magnificent history in front of us then we all should welcome it whole heartedly rather than criticising and condemning it.

Time and again we had seen these things in our country. Films like this has to suffer lot. Films apart people have to suffer. People are suffering endlessly. Who cares for suffering and their violation of rights and duties? The answer is no-one. Sensible things which should be talked about are kept in files and are moving from table to table for years. The thing that needs the least attention gets everything to be paid off. There are thousands of things to fight against like-minded corruption, child labour, trivial situation of Trible, education system, women empowerment, sex ratio, dowry system, casteism etc. Take a pause, but our great country people are fighting for issues of the movie, that should it be released or not.

There is just a hope, a tinge of hope that people would adapt some sensibility and discuss something that really is the need of the hour!