If you’ve ever taken a look at the showtimes for any movie theater, you may have noticed strings of movies that tend to feel similar or at the very least have a common theme. While this isn’t such a bad thing, it does make going to the movies a little uninspiring, which is why the current movies being served up at your local movie house are all about choice.

Choice means you’ve got an array of items to pick from, but having too many things to choose from can be little daunting. It seems as though there’s no real middle ground when it comes to a movie genre that doesn’t lean one way or another, doesn’t try to change the world, and believes that sometimes a one-liner can be the perfect way to highlight a flamethrower’s destruction. Yes, friend, we are talking about action movies.

Action films are about making movies fun again. Some of the best examples out there don’t have great plots, but what they lack in script nuance they more than make-up for in terms of the amount of explosions you can fit on a big screen. Now, the savvy among you may look over the current movies out now and think that action may not be a good way to describe any of the films. Well, you may want to think twice before you make a decision.

Here are some current movies you can’t miss if you love action:

Ant-Man and the Wasp – This sequel has been anticipated since the successful release of the first film. Its central theme is one of sometimes needing help, even if from an unlikely source. Plus, you just can’t get enough of the Marvel Universe.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Nature is undefeated when it comes to who will win in life, but for some reason, all of the stubborn men with degrees can’t help themselves when they should. Chalk up another great addition to the Jurassic Park franchise.

Skyscraper – Are you afraid of heights? If you answered ‘yes’, then this movie will terrify you & weaken your knees in a way that you haven’t experienced in a long time. Factor in a need to save one’s family, a burning skyscraper with secrets, and you’ve some serious action going.

The Equalizer 2 – Imagine all of the great government assassin movies you can think of and them give them the underlying bitterness of every good-guy-turns-vigilante movie you can think of, and you’ve got yourself the making of one of the most anticipated sequels in years.

Incredibles 2 – Nearly a decade and a half after the first film, people have been falling all over themselves to catch up with these characters. It’s animated, but it’ll blow the doors off of anything out there in terms of action sequences. Plus, if you can release a movie when someone is in first grade then release the sequel when they’re a sophomore in college & ticket sales are through the roof, you’ve got a great movie on your hands.

Yes, the current movies out now may not be your prototypical action movie, but to say they can’t be included in the genre is just nutty. Not only do they belong, but in some ways, they are trailblazing new ground and redefining what a movie genre can encapsulate. Progress isn’t always easy, but if these movies are indicative of things to come, then bring on the action!