A few weeks ago I finally got to see the O.J. Simpson miniseries starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. as O.J. Simpson. You know, this article is a spin on the words “O.J., look in the mirror for the real killers”. If we really want to get anywhere in life, we must look in the mirror for the real winners. This is exactly where I am right now. Today, I was eating lunch at a restaurant, and this article finally took shape in my mind as I said to myself: “If you want the real winners, look in the mirror. If you want the real losers look elsewhere.” This article really started this morning when I was looking in my bathroom mirror intently for a few minutes before I called my girlfriend. I wondered was all the effort I put into everything that means anything to me worth it, and all of a sudden, the deepest “yes” I ever felt came to my soul, and I was alright from then on or the coming up with this article was genuinely in process. Sure I slept soundly with a few musings that would become this article dancing in my mind as I went to sleep last night, then I slept like a log without dreams or anything. When I woke up though, that is when the thought process resumed and ended with the core of this article: Look in the mirror and find the real winners, if you want the real losers and killers, look elsewhere.

So, this article is part television movie review and part soul-searching and soul finding as you can now very well tell. It takes conscience and consciousness to see the real winners, it just takes gall and denial to find the genuine losers. What do I mean? Once, I thought of what it takes to be a successful criminal and it is simple, yet it is “the genuine selling of the soul to the Devil”: We must bypass our conscience fully. A “friend” of my Mother’s that was also a “successful” master con-man in the early 1980s taught me that lesson and taught it to me well. So, when I say it takes gall and denial to find the genuine losers, this is what I mean: Bypass your conscience fully, and you become that loser, and it does not matter how much you “win”. Embrace your conscience and you genuinely win, however much you seem to lose in the eyes of others.

The other day, I saw a kid I went to school with that now works as a local bus driver for a large public transit system. He gave me a dirty, judging look as he drove by, (I was not waiting for that particular bus to go down Western Avenue to Imperial Highway in Athens, CA, I was waiting for another bus to go past Prairie Avenue to Lawndale, CA.) and it made me think deeply and with conscience and consciousness: What is a winner? That moment also influenced this article.

So, O.J. and other genuine losers “with it all” by bypassing conscience just prove that conscience is not just something we are told about as a “story as kids or children”. Conscience and consciousness are living, breathing things that need to be nurtured and cared for or they just wither up and die with all the loss in existence. A real winner, by the way is someone who does not bypass conscience and consciousness. Look in the mirror for the real winners if you can really do it. That is all I can say honestly, and that is all I can feel honestly about it all. We become what we think about.